Wholesale Fund


To achieve higher returns than the benchmark over the medium to long term*, while preserving capital** and providing opportunity for income.
Note: *The Manager regards 3-5 years as medium term and more than 5 years as long term.
Note: **Opus SIF is neither a capital guaranteed fund nor a capital protected fund.

MYR 1.0555

Latest NAV Price (Jul 17, 2024)

MYR 80.00 million

Fund Size (as at Jun 30, 2024)

The Manager has appointed Opus Islamic Asset Management Sdn Bhd (“OpusIAM”) as the external investment manager for the Fund with effect from the date of this Second Supplementary Information Memorandum. OpusIAM is regulated by the SC and is licensed to conduct Islamic fund management services. OpusIAM is a wholly owned subsidiary of OpusAM, the specialist in fixed income investment. OpusIAM is following the footsteps of its parent company by specialising in sukuk and sustainable investing. The group has a collective track record of over 15 years in the fund management industry.

The role and responsibilities of OpusIAM include management of the investment portfolio of the Fund in accordance with the investment objective and subject to the CMSA and the Guidelines as well as the terms and conditions of the investment management agreement between OpusIAM and the Manager.

Designated External Fund Manager
This fund is managed by Ahmad Zarul Fitri Bin Mohd Azam, Investment Manager.

Material Litigation and Arbitration
As at 31 March 2023, OpusIAM is not engaged in any material litigation and arbitration, including those pending or threatened, and OpusIAM is not aware of any facts likely to give rise to any proceedings which might materially affect the business or financial position of OpusIAM.

Mohd Fadhly Md. Yusoff has been appointed as the Shariah adviser for the Fund.

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