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Popularizing Fixed Income Investments and Savings

To be the Fixed Income Asset Manager of Choice

Being consistent like clockwork

Getting stable returns for our clients require us to have credible expertise and devising plans. It’s all about keeping the system going and constantly progressing.

Devil’s in the details

It is the basic requirement of a financial institution but with OpusAsset, we take details even more seriously because of our background. We’re homegrown, reputable and completely on our own.

Returns are just the beginning

Our strategic investments into innovation via technology, knowledge and most of all, the personal touch is what gives us that edge. We ensure that our clients gain more than just returns with us through our value-added services.


Sense of Belongings

A strong sense of belonging starts with ownership.

We feel accountable and believe in our cause when we have the drive to achieve something.

We are like family and we look out for each other. We are all stakeholders of OpusAsset and we belong to this brand and similarly, this brand belongs to us!


We define teamwork as a dynamic bond between colleagues that helps each other even in the greyest areas.

Strong teamwork comes with the element of mutual respect as only by listening, understanding and working together with respect can we see this element reflected on the outside.


We hold great responsibility in managing our clients’ funds and safeguarding our stakeholders’ interests.

Being responsible and held accountable for our actions will incite trust in those that we serve and in turn, strengthen our reputation.

We are responsible within our team. It begins with doing things right from the start as our individual work will greatly affect people around us.


We believe that high Integrity is a value that encompasses the trait of honesty, which translates into trustworthiness.

We always hold steadfast to our integrity and uncompromising adherence to strong ethics as our business deals with financials, compliance and economic policies.

Value Creation

Our mettle is proven over time as we take pride in our service and value creation for stakeholders.

Our aim is to provide solutions via our products and also share our insights of the market to our valued stakeholders.

Our willingness to service beyond our core business has not only increased our presence in the industry but also fostered many fruitful partnerships.


We define Excellence as a 360 degrees effort provided by all teams in giving our stakeholders the best experience they can have within the industry.

We cover as much grounds for our stakeholders to fulfil their needs and gain the sense of stability that we advocate.

We push for continuous improvement in both personal and professional growth.


We believe in managing our funds prudently by balancing

the risks we take with the returns we make for you.

Treasury Solutions

Help your corporation invest without the hassle of micromanaging fixed deposit placements at various financial institutions.

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Fixed Income Solutions

Our funds invest in multiple bonds. We invest in multiple sectors & issuers to ensure your overall investment risks are reduced.

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Tailormade Solutions

Structured to meet your investment objective and risk profile, Customisable to your reporting needs, with a wealth of analytics available for your portfolio.

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Daily Fund Price

Wholesale Fund
FundsPrices% Change
opus dynamic income fundOPUS DIF1.2291+0.02%
opus fixed income fundOFIF1.2229+0.02%
opus cash extra fundOPUS CEF1.0356+0.01%
Unit Trust Fund
FundsPrices% Change
opus income plus fundOPUS IPF1.1056+0.05%
opus shariah income plus fundOPUS SIPF1.0593+0.02%
opus money plus fundOPUS MPF1.0080+0.01%


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